The runners met one Nigel Terwilliger, an amateur Mr. Johnson, and took a job to “retrieve” a case from a lab and exchange it. They broke in via a ferrocrete solvent, made their way upstairs (performing like a team of acrobatic camera-disablers), and stole the case. Explosions outside the building prompted them to make a hasty exit, performing like a team of acrobatic camera-re-enablers on the way out. (I was so proud. -GM)

Of course, the exchange meet went horribly wrong. First, their contact showed up dead in a shot-up car. Next, two teams of Red Samurai ‘coptered in. Then some Renraku mages showed up with a cyberzombie.

Tank gunned the car down a narrow alley, plowing empty boxes and full dumpsters as he went. The team fired on the cyberzombie; they rapidly discovered it was too heavily armored for small weapons, and no one had remembered to bring an AVM. Tank pulled a hard right, whipping into an open machine shop door. The shop dead-ended into offices—no vehicle access to the street. The team abandoned the car, scrambling for cover in the inexorable advance of the machine monster. The team abandoned the car and took cover amongst the crates, firing on the cyberzombie with little effect – except for the stun grenades.

Once the cyberzombie was subdued, the team stunned the mage handlers and fled through the offices. Fortunately, the Red Samurai split up, enabling the shadowrunners to take them out piecemeal. They recovered the second case from the dead woman’s car and called for pickup.

Unable to reach Mr. Johnson, the runners delved into the PDA rescued from the totaled car and uncovered an address. Upon arrival, they found a high-rise, with one working elevator that only goes to the top. The penthouse suite was occupied by Nigel Terwilliger … and Villiers and Lanier. Nigel had been hired to steal the cybernetic head, got caught by Elizabeth Chavez (the dead woman in the car), engineered her death, and got caught by her employers, then exectued by them. The team sold both cases to Villiers and Lanier.

A Renraku attack on the building caused the runner to join forces with Villiers and Lanier to escape.


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